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We are one of the top Italian companies for oven baked confectionery, with an ever more consolidated position as national market leader.

The results are the fruit of our constant commitment to combine technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship.Our consolidated position in the large-scale retail trade has been achieved thanks to extremely high product quality, the result of the utmost care and attention throughout the production cycle: from the selection of all basic ingredients to the delivery at retail outlets.

With top of the line, our Company is at the cutting-edge of the production systems and an extensive sales network. Cerbiatto is an experienced and efficient Company that can look to the future with optimism, strengthened by the trust of thousands of devoted customers who every day choose our products.

The history of our Company starts with a passion for food that is good and genuine, made with care and always keeping in mind the importance of healthy eating.

That’s why we love our work, producing everyday a host of natural specialties which have been created to offer our customers products that are always health, tasty and fragrant.

Supporting this passion is the skill of our pastry chefs, the quality of our basic ingredients, our investment in technology and human resources and respect for the environment.

Our goal is to offer a quality product, one which for more than 40 years has earned the trust of thousands of families and consumers, to whom we would like to offer our most sincere thanks.
We have developed an ultra-efficient distribution system which can ensure delivery throughout Italy.

Every day our vehicles cross the country, delivering to the biggest of cities and the smallest of towns; around the clock – to guarantee product freshness.